Soundwave Croatia Festival

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Soundwave Croatia Festival 2016

Soundwave Croatia, one of Europe’s most friendly and intimate festivals returns for it’s 8th year and announces the addition of a developed live art and film programme to its eclectic musical offering. This year the Festival has changed the date.

It shifted from a mid-July slot toone in early August, potentially making it easier for some festival-goers to attend. Also, Soundwave has expanded to also include live art and film as part of its line-up. In particular, street artists, mural artists and illustrators from Croatia and Europe will be transforming the festival site into a living and evolving piece of art during the entire festival run; the film programme will showcase independent and Croatian films.
Some names on the line-up have already been announced like Alice Russell & Fatima, LTJ Bukem and DJ Marky and Taylor McFerrin, son of Bobby. The second wave of acts has seen artists such as Slum Village; DJ Mr Scruff; Andreya Triana; Craig Charles.
Heralded as one of ‘Europe’s Best Music Festivals’ by The Independent, Soundwave is set in a secret cove at the heart of the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, the idyllic fishing town of Tisno is a beautiful backdrop to one of the original Croatian festivals. The festival is spread over five days, three festival stages, the Argonaughty ship and legendary open air after-party spot, Barbarella. Soundwave is a perfect choice if you’re just after a long weekend festival event in Europe, although there’s also a great opportunity for you to combine it with a holiday on Croatia’s coastline either before or after.
Remember, we have new festival dates so keep them in the diary –  August 4th-8th!