Electric Elephant Festival

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Electric Elephant Festival Croatia 2017

Electric Elephant 2017 will take place in its new home of the island of Obonjan, near Sibenik. Electronica and Balearic Beat on a stunning and intimate island off the Croatian coast. Enchanting and captivating, the island presents the perfect new setting for all of the things you already love about Electric Elephant. Starting life as Electric Chair, the awesome monthly rave up of all things great in House, Disco and Electronica, the city of Manchester was home to the embryonic parties that would later form the beating heart of Electric Elephant. There was a difference to these club nights: a sense of freshness and purpose, of fun and mischief but all underlined with a pure and simplistic desire to place the music as the most important element of all. Snazzy clubs, expensive bars and snooty dress codes was not the EE way.
Instead, a heavy feature on programming new, high quality and diverse music was the over riding value, and it was this that keen eyed clubbers with a love for awesome tunes and an unbeatable atmosphere cottoned on to the sensation so quickly…
Electric Elephant is the sum of its parts, a celebration of awesome music set in one of the worlds most enticing beauty spots. It’s this unbeatable collaboration that makes our party unique. Where else can you rock out to Crazy P on a stage out to sea, sip a cocktail whilst Danny Krivit does his thing or dance away the early hours with Henrik Schwarz and Horse Meat Disco? Where else can you enjoy the ornate surroundings of a beautiful European fishing village, before sampling the delights of a full on dance festival set-up each night? Electric Elephant harbours many people each and every year, simply because the atmosphere is so harmonious and special, that it is impossible to find it elsewhere.
Electric Elephant 2017 (6th-9th of July) has found a new home and partnership with Obonjan island, a truly unique destination to inspire and be inspired. This beautiful destination is all the things you love in one place. A mixture of wellness & recovery, DJs and live music, tempting food and drink, comedy, cinema, talks and workshops, art & installations, sport and much more.
Electric Elephant has set sail to a brand new location, and with it takes it's infamous boat party series! The EE boat series is widely known for it's incredible sea based skullduggery and pirate partying, and has given birth to some of the scene’s biggest DJs, such is the importance placed on it by avid clubbers.
Sun, sea, boat parties, fun, adventure and more, all housed in an intimate and lovely corner of the Adriatic Coast. Where else could you possibly want to be?
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