Dubrovnik airport

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Dubrovnik Airport Transfers

International airport Čilipi (Dubrovnik Airport) is located approximately 20 km's from Dubrovnik, and has regular lines to numerous European cities. The airport is positioned under a cliff, which makes it very distinctive. 

Although it has a single terminal it services nearly a million  passengers per year. The majority of lines are to and from the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.Charter lines have a vital role for Dubrovnik airport, as they provide a constant flow of passengers from more distant locations, such as Russia. Dubrovnik airport, in its present location, has been constructed in the 1960’s.
After the Croatian war of independence, it has been rebuilt, and fully modernized to offer maximum safety and comfort for passengers. Despite the fact that it is relatively small, particularly when it is compared to other Croatian airports,
Dubrovnik airport is incredibly active. During  the summer, airplanes land pretty much all day and night with only minimum service breaks in between. Even with the lack of space for expansion of Dubrovnik Airport,  its numbers grow year after year, so it is expected to hit two million passengers each year by 2017.
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